Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Guyana

South AmericaGuyanaHow To Travel Around Guyana

When people in Guyana talk about buses, they mean minibuses. Minibuses operate throughout Guyana and are the cheapest way to travel. Minibus fares range from GYD 60 to GYD 1,000 depending on the length of the journey. Travelling in this mode at night can be risky.

Many parts of Guyana are separated by large rivers. These areas can be crossed by river taxi. Go to the port village and ask where the speedboats leave from. During the trip, ask other passengers about the fare, as boat operators tend to charge tourists more. Do not accept “special offers” without negotiating the price first.

Taxis are an excellent way to get around Georgetown. Fares should never exceed $500 for travel within the city and most fares should be around GYD 400. All taxi license plates start with an “H”. There are fixed prices for taxis to different destinations, for example, from the airport to the city is GYD 5,000, from the airport to Moleson Creek is GYD 24,000, etc.

You can also rent cars or SUVs; check local telephone listings for car rentals. Consult more than one car rental company as prices may vary. You may also be able to negotiate prices to some extent. There is usually a deposit to pay. When hiring a car, be sure to ask if your driving licence is accepted. Traffic violations can result in considerable loss of time and possible trips to the local courts.