Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Colombia

South AmericaColombiaThings To Do in Colombia

There is a lot to do in Colombia and you can find parties and celebrations everywhere you go. Colombians especially love to dance, and if you don’t know how, they will be happy to teach you. Colombia is known for its exciting nightlife.

There are many groups and agencies that offer ecotourism, and it is very common to find trekking plans (locally called “caminatas” or “excursiones”) on weekends; many groups (“caminantes” as they are called) offer cheaper day trips, special trips (on long weekends or during the holiday period (January, Holy Week, July, August, October, December) to different places in the country. Recommended groups based in Bogotá include: Viajar y Vivir, Fundación Sal Si Puedes, Caminantes del Retorno; there are many others. Patianchos in Medellín; Rastros in Bucaramanga. They usually offer a guide and transport to the site; for longer visits, accommodation and other services. It is advisable to ask if the guide has official certification.