Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Chile

South AmericaChileInternet & Communications in Chile


  • Payphones on the street are very susceptible to tampering or vandalism, so it is best to use a phone in a shop or station.
  • Prepaid cards for mobile phones and landlines are sold in most newsagents, supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies and telephone retailers.
  • GSM mobile networks are ubiquitous in all major cities and most of central and southern Chile.
  • A basic prepaid mobile phone usually costs around 15,000 pesos and is usually loaded with 10,000 pesos of prepaid minutes. No identification is required to purchase a prepaid mobile phone.
  • GSM SIM cards from ENTEL, Movistar or Claro are usually available for 5000 pesos, but without credit, so you will need to buy prepaid minutes to make calls.
  • Money can be loaded onto the mobile phone from almost all ATMs with a credit or debit card and in some pharmacies (Ahumada, Cruz Verde and Salco Brand) over the counter and in cash. It is also possible to load money directly onto the phone with a credit card through an automated service operator, with instructions in Spanish or English.
  • The Chilean telephone numbering system is very simple and clear.


Internet cafés can be found in all large and medium-sized cities, as well as in all tourist destinations. Some libraries participate in a programme called Biblioredes, with free computers and Internet (they can be very susceptible if you plug in your camera or whatever). In some remote locations, public libraries have satellite internet connections. Also check if there is a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. These are usually located in metro stations, airports, shopping centres, cafes, public buildings and other public places. (Look for ones that say ‘free’ – for free).