Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

North AmericaTrinidad and TobagoAccommodation & Hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

There is a wide range of accommodation options. There are the big hotels like the Crowne Plaza, the Hyatt and the Hilton. There are also smaller guesthouses, especially in Tobago, and beach houses on the coasts (especially on the east coast). Prices vary. In Trinidad, there is no official accommodation in many places and towns of limited interest to the typical tourist. Homestays may be the only option. However, Trinidad has developed a sporting and cultural infrastructure as it is multicultural with various religious denominations and even has world-class facilities for swimming, cycling, football, cricket, netball and the arts. For individuals or groups looking to gain experience or connect with similar groups at competitive rates, guesthouses such as The Little Inn and the Miracle Healing are just the ticket.