Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Bahamas

North AmericaThe BahamasHow To Travel Around Bahamas

By plane

Bahamasair offers a comprehensive network that radiates out from Nassau and covers most population centres. However, fares are high, frequencies are low, aircraft are small and the airline is known for long delays. Many travellers in a hurry prefer charter flights.

By bus

Nassau/New Providence have a bus system called Jitneys, which is discussed in the Nassau article. Bus service on the other islands (except Grand Bahama) is very limited.

By taxi

Taxis are very expensive. A short ride from the airport to Cable Beach costs $18, a short ride to downtown costs $26. Between Cable Beach and downtown you can expect a price between $15 and $20, with no room for negotiation.

With boat and yacht

  • Mailboats serve almost all the inhabited islands of the Bahamas and are among the cheapest ways to reach many areas, although they are far from the fastest or most comfortable. The government has published an online calendar of mailboat routes [www], which may or may not reflect reality.
  • Windward Islands [www] [www], a yacht charter company, can take care of all charter needs from unmanned to manned yachts in the Bahamas (from Abaco).