Friday, September 10, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Bahamas

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Accommodation in the Bahamas is expensive and there is virtually no hostel-style accommodation. The cheapest hotels start at around US$70 and most hotels cost US$200-300/night, with the best resorts easily exceeding US$500. However, deals can be had in the summer low season.

Please note that the Bahamas charges a “Service Fee or Resort Fee” for each person staying on site. Hotels charge a fee of $18 per person per night, plus a one-time fee of $6 per person for bellhop service. This fee is in addition to the room rate and is not optional and cannot be waived. Tourists often only find out about it when they check in at the hotel.

The Bahamas government levies a hotel guest tax, which is payable by every guest. This tax is 10% of the hotel price and is paid monthly by the hotel operator to the Bahamas government.

Hotels in the Bahamas may charge guests a number of additional fees on top of the standard bill, including gratuities (maid or waiter), a “tax” (advertising fee), cable, telephone, water and sewer, extra charges for energy, pool and towels.

Most of the hotels and resorts in the Bahamas are in New Providence (Nassau) and on nearby Paradise Island. The rest of the country remains fairly off the beaten track, and places like Eleuthera, although 100 miles long, have only three hotels.