Friday, September 10, 2021

Money & Shopping in Saint Lucia

North AmericaSaint LuciaMoney & Shopping in Saint Lucia

Castries Market is a good place to buy gifts, as is the JQ Shopping Centre in Rodney Bay. There is also La Place Carenage, a duty-free shop and gift and souvenir shop in the main port of Castries. Here you will find quality jewellery, arts and crafts, ideal for gifts.

Supermarkets offer pretty good prices for rums produced or bottled on the island, for example Elements 8, Admiral Rodney and especially Chairman’s Reserve.

Cruise ship visits over the years have given rise to a duty-free shopping centre (on the harbour, in Point Seraphine, Castries) with jewellery, souvenirs, art, spirits and rum and other offerings typical of cruise ship customers.

Cheaper prices, “duty free”, can also be found in the island’s shopping centres and resorts. You may need a visitor’s pass to take advantage of duty-free.