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Food in Saint Lucia


Food in St Lucia consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and a variety of curry, jerk, rice and stew dishes. Pot au feu is a delicious stew traditionally from the indigenous cultures of the Caribbean and can be found in many local restaurants in Castries, Soufriere and Vieux-Fort. Vegetarian and meat roti are available in many small local restaurants. Ask any local for the best roti shop and they will tell you how to get there. Rotis are usually made fresh in the morning, which is highly recommended if you want to have a spicy meal early in the day. Local cuisine is prepared all over the island. Depending on where you are staying, ask a local if they know someone or something that prepares local dishes and you are sure to be welcomed somewhere nearby. Many rum shacks in rural places also prepare food if you let them know in advance. Fish, vegetable, chicken and goat dishes are very common and are usually accompanied by a variety of side dishes such as salad, plantains, breadfruit, macaroni and rice prepared in different ways.

For a quick snack, there are chicken and pork barbecue stands in every community on Friday nights. The food is well marinated and spicy. Soak up the sauce with a grilled or fried patty. Fried chicken and fish are also available and quite tasty.

Weekly festivals and parties are held in various communities around the island, where you can also sample a range of local products such as seafood, grilled meats, salads and drinks. These festivals are filled with dancing, drinking, food and music. Let yourself go, sample the cuisine and hone your skills. Don’t forget to ask what’s in the jars before you try the food. For the environmentally conscious: the black fish is a porpoise.

  • Friday evening: Anse La Raye “Seafood Friday
  • Friday evening: Rodney Bay Ski Jump
  • Every second Saturday: Canaris Creole Pot
  • Saturday: Dennery (East Coast) Fish Fry


Rodney Bay is populated by people from all over the world and the restaurants reflect this diversity. In a small space, you’ll find a variety of cuisines, from East Indian to Italian to local, of course.

Drinks in Saint Lucia

St Lucia has a fantastic rum punch. It’s hard to go wrong. Highly recommended:

  • Chairman’s Reserve (barrel-aged dark rum)
  • Crystal Lime (clear rum infused with lime)
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Most bars offer both, even in small resorts.

Besides rum, Piton Lager is also brewed and bottled on the island and is quite good (although it has a slightly higher alcohol content than most American beers). It is usually available in eight-ounce bottles, often for US$1.

You can also see them in coolers: Heineken, Champagne, Wine, Water, Coke (usually $1 US)