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Festivals & Holidays in Saint Lucia

North AmericaSaint LuciaFestivals & Holidays in Saint Lucia

St Lucia’s cultural festivals include the Rose and the Daisy, the former representing the indigenous St Lucian fraternal society known as the Order of the Rose, shaped in the mould of Rosicrucianism, and the latter its traditional rival, the indigenous St Lucian equivalent of Freemasonry, known as the Order of the Daisy. Clues to their origins as versions of pre-existing external secret societies can be found in a mural by Dunstan St Omer depicting the holy trinity of Osiris, Horus and Isis.

The biggest festival of the year is the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. It takes place in early May at various locations around the island and attracts visitors and musicians from all over the world. The grand finale takes place on Pigeon Island, located in the north of the island.

Traditionally, St Lucia, like other Caribbean countries, celebrates a carnival before Lent. In 1999, the government moved the carnival to mid-July to avoid competition with the much larger Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and to attract more foreign visitors.

In May 2009, the people of Saint Lucia commemorated the 150th anniversary of the island’s Caribbean heritage.