Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Saint Kitts and Nevis

North AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisHow To Travel Around Saint Kitts and Nevis

By train

There is a scenic rail tour that runs through parts of the narrow-gauge railway once used by the sugar mill. When more than one large cruise ship visits the island, organised train tours can fill the train.

By car

Taxis and buses are plentiful in St Kitts. Be sure to negotiate the cost of the ride in advance. Be especially careful if the fare is quoted in US dollars or European dollars.

Temporary driving licences are available, as are several car rental agencies.

In St. Kitts, there are many popular tour guides who will take you around the island. One such guide is Thenford Grey’s Island Tours or Grey’s Island Excursions [www].

By bus

Microbuses are the island’s public transport system. They are much cheaper than taxis and can be stopped on the way. When they are full, the driver flashes his lights and moves on. The service does not usually extend to Frigate Bay or the southern peninsula. This is the domain of taxis. Taxis and buses use the same format as microbuses, with the difference that taxis have a yellow number plate and begin with the letter T and buses have a green number plate beginning with the letter H. Bus fares vary, in 2005 they ranged from 1.25 EC to 5 EC, depending on the length of the journey.