Saturday, October 16, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Panama

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How to dress

The Panamanians seem to care about their appearance. Don’t try to dress up to fit in, just be yourself.

That means you don’t have to wear a suit everywhere either. Just dress conservatively and smartly. For men, clean jeans and a shirt with a pressed collar are sufficient for most outings, but you can dress more casually or formally depending on the situation. Shorts are considered extremely casual clothing suitable only for the beach, although this attitude is beginning to change in some areas. Longer Bermuda shorts in nice fabrics are also considered appropriate in many places.

However, there is a dress code for entry to all banks and government facilities, as well as many shops and supermarkets. If you enter these facilities in inappropriate clothing such as shorts or skirts above the knee, security staff are likely to refuse you entry and ask you to leave.

Think nice, neat and clean and you will already show great respect for the residents.

If you take a trip to Boquete, especially during the rainy season (April to November), dress in layers, bring a light rain jacket and waterproof walking shoes.