Friday, September 10, 2021

Destinations in Panama

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Regions in Panama

  • Central Panama
    Panama City and the provinces of Colon and Cocle.
  • Western Caribbean
    The province of Bocas del Toro and the province of Ngöbe-Buglé as well as the northern part of the province of Veruguas.
  • Western Pacific
    Most of Panama’s main attractions are located in the province of Chiriqui, as well as throughout the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos and the southern part of the province of Veraguas.
  • East Panama
    The forests and swamps of Darien Province, part of Panama Province, Kuna Yala and the San Blas Islands.

Cities in Panama

  • Panama City – the capital with 3 districts of interest: the New Town, the Old Town and the Colonial Town.
  • Balboa
  • Boquete – Panamanian capital of coffee cultivation, in the highlands of Chiriquí.
  • Boca Chica- in the Gulf of Chiriquí
  • Colón
  • David
  • Gamboa
  • Portobelo – Historic Spanish forts, boats to Colombia and diving centres.

Other destinations in Panama

  • Coiba National Marine Park – often referred to as the Galapagos of Central America because of its abundance of rare species in the water and on land. Here you can dive and snorkel and see some of the rarest pelagic species of marine life in the world.
  • La Amistad International Park is the second largest park in Panama, covering over 207,000 hectares (850 square miles). It is a bi-national park, with an additional 193,929 hectares (1,840,000 acres) on the Costa Rican side. Amistad is the Spanish word for friendship and was created to promote friendship between the two countries.
  • Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquí – in the Gulf of Chiriqui, is dotted with dozens of small islands and islets, including Boca Brava, Isla Palenque and Islas Secas. The area offers some of the best sport fishing and whale watching in the region, and several resorts and boutique hotels have opened in the area since the mid-2000s.
  • El Valle – a charming little town nestled in the second largest inhabited volcanic caldera in the world.
  • Pearl Islands
  • San Blas Islands
  • Taboga
  • Volcan Barú National Park – 14,325 hectares in size, and the highest peak in Panama at 3,475 metres is located here.
  • Miraflores Locks – A good place to see the ships going up and down as they pass through the Panama Canal.