Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To See in Nicaragua

North AmericaNicaraguaThings To See in Nicaragua

Nicaraguans like to call their country the land of lakes and volcanoes. The most notable volcanoes include:

  • Volcán Concepción and Maderas on Ometepe
  • Volcán Mombacho near Granada
  • Volcán Masaya near Masaya. If it is not considered too dangerous, you can drive up.
  • The Cosigüina volcano, which was one of the highest in the region but exploded in the 19th century, dots the Golfo de Fonseca between Nicaragua and El Salvador with numerous small islands from its debris.

Other places of interest are:

  • Wildlife on Ometepe or in the protected areas of Indio-Maiz (south-east, Rio San Juan region) and Bosawas (north-east, Caribbean Nicaragua).
  • Churches galore, especially in León (with one of the largest churches in Central America) and in Granada.
  • Panoramas and sunsets on the shores of Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca)
  • Museums and murals dedicated to the country’s revolutionary past and the civil war (especially in Sandinista strongholds like León or Estelí).

Fortunately, Nicaragua has much more surviving colonial architecture than its southern neighbour, and if you’re coming from the south, places like Granada or Leon can be a breath of fresh air compared to the rather bland modernist architecture you’ll find there.