Saturday, September 18, 2021

Weather & Climate in Haiti

North AmericaHaitiWeather & Climate in Haiti

The climate in Haiti is tropical with some variations depending on altitude. The temperature in Port-au-Prince varies between an average low of 23°C and an average high of 31°C in January, and between 25 and 35°C in July. The rainfall pattern is variable, with heavier rainfall in some lowlands and on the northern and eastern slopes of the mountains. The dry season in Haiti lasts from November to January.

Port-au-Prince receives an average annual rainfall of 1,370 mm (53.9 inches). There are two rainy seasons, April-June and October-November. Haiti is subject to periodic droughts and floods, exacerbated by deforestation. Hurricanes are also a threat. In summary, Haiti generally has a hot and humid tropical climate.