Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Haiti

North AmericaHaitiHow To Travel Around Haiti

By car

Cars can be rented from Hertz, Avis, etc. Taxis in Haiti are usually SUVs or trucks, as most roads are long overdue for repair, in addition to the abundance of dirt roads encountered when travelling in Haiti. The price is often reasonable (e.g. 450 gourdes, or $11.53 to 39 gourdes per dollar, from Port-au-Prince to Leogane), but offers safety and comfort not found in taps or buses.

By bus

Taps are the most economical way to travel in Haiti. Haitian taps are converted trucks or vans and are ubiquitous throughout the country. There is usually a raised wooden cabin above the truck bed, similar to an awning, while wooden benches are attached to the truck bed to serve as seats. Taps are often colourfully painted and often bear a religious slogan, such as “Jesus loves you”.

In Port-au-Prince, most rides cost 10 gourdes ($0.25). They are also very convenient because they stop everywhere along the way: All you have to do is shout “Thank you!” and the driver stops. However, they are sometimes overloaded and can be quite dangerous on mountain roads where road conditions are not ideal. First-time travellers who do not speak conversational Creole are advised not to travel by tap-tap without assistance. There are also school bus versions of tap-tap that are used for longer journeys. These are often modified school buses.

Minibuses are a more comfortable alternative for long-distance travel. These congregate at various locations around the city, organised by destination. Seats to Jacmel, for example, cost about 150 gourdes (30 Haitian dollars, $3.75), while the more comfortable front seat can cost 200 gourdes ($5).