Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Haiti

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Food in Haiti

Haitian cuisine is typical of the Caribbean mix, a wonderful blend of French and African sensibilities. It resembles that of its Spanish Caribbean neighbours, but is characterised by a strong presence of spices. Roasted goat called “kabrit”, roasted pork “griot”, poultry with Creole sauce “poulet créole”, rice with wild mushrooms “du riz jonjon” are all wonderful and tasty dishes.

Along the coast, fish, lobster and shellfish are abundant. Haiti has a wonderful collection of fruits, including guava, pineapple, mango (Haiti’s most prized fruit), banana, melon, breadfruit and appetising sugar cane, which is cut and peeled on the street if needed. Restaurants in the larger towns offer safe and delicious meals, and precautions are taken with food and water to ensure safety.

However, even in establishments where water is purified, it cannot always be assumed that raw vegetables (such as lettuce and tomatoes) have been properly washed. In smaller or more modest places, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled or skinned, drink only bottled drinks, make sure ice comes from a clean water source, and make sure meat is properly cooked.

When bottled or boiled water is not available, a freshly opened coconut provides water and electrolytes with minimal health risk.

Drinks in Haiti

Haitian rum is famous. The “Barbancourt 5 stars” is a first-class drink. Clairin” is the local sugar cane liquor that you can buy on the street, often flavoured with different herbs, which you can see filled in the bottle. Prestige” is the most popular beer, it is of good quality and excellent taste. Don’t miss the “Papye” drink, a kind of papaya milkshake, wonderfully refreshing on a hot day. Cremas is a tasty and creamy alcoholic drink made from coconut milk.