Saturday, October 16, 2021

Destinations in Haiti

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Regions in Haiti

  • Central Haiti
    The centre of Haiti’s population in the heart of the country – the sprawl around the capital and the countryside in the north.
  • North Haiti
    The country’s main towns outside the capital are located here, as are the beaches at Cap-Haitien favoured by foreign tourists.
  • Southern Haiti
    The Caribbean part of the country is the least hectic region of the country, with the booming Haitian backpacker destinations of Jacmel, Port Salut and Ile à Vache.

Cities in Haiti

  • Port-au-Prince – the big capital of Haiti, crowded and chaotic.
  • Cap-Haitien – the second largest city in the country, on the Atlantic coast, near beautiful beaches and interesting old forts.
  • Gonaives – this is where Jean-Jacques Dessalines signed Haiti’s independence charter on 1 January 1804, founding the world’s first black republic.
  • Jacmel – a laid-back town with a beautiful historic centre and a hard-to-refute claim to be the country’s artistic and cultural capital, albeit in ruins after the earthquake.
  • Jeremie, the westernmost and most isolated town in Haiti, is a charming and sleepy little place.
  • Les Cayes – The main port in southern Haiti and a popular starting point for Île à Vache.
  • Pétionville – an affluent and much safer suburb of Port-au-Prince where you will find most of the capital’s nightlife, restaurants, wealthy Haitians and foreigners.
  • Port-de-Paix – the most important drug smuggling town on the Haitian coast, with the possibility of crossing by ferry to Tortuga Island, an almost unknown tropical paradise – although it has been discovered over the centuries by every self-respecting famous pirate and a few rich drug lords.
  • Port-Salut – birthplace of President Aristide, where there are miles of beautiful white sand beaches.

Other destinations in Haiti

  • Citadelle Henri Christophe (also known as Citadelle Laferrière) is a fortress on a high mountain in Haiti overlooking the town of Milot, Haiti. At the foot of the mountain are the ruins of the Palais Sans Souci.
  • Labadie – a private port used by cruise ships.
  • The 27 historic remains of the Mole Saint Nicolas, to the northwest, a strategic bay at the entrance to the Canal du Vent, also called the Gibraltar of America. This place is also ideal for sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.).