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Food & Drinks in Guatemala

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Food in Guatemala

Typical food :

  • Kaq Ik
  • Pepián
  • Jocom
  • Quichom
  • Tortillas and tortillas de harina. Corn tortillas are served with most meals.
  • Frijoles negros – stewed black beans
  • Caldos – Beef broths
  • Tamales – steamed maize flour with various toppings, wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Rice and beans (Garifunafood in Puerto Barrios)
  • Tapado, ceviche and other fish dishes
  • Churrascos

The typical breakfast consists of frijoles and rice, with coffee of course.

The type of food really depends on how much you want to spend and where you want to spend it. In the main tourist areas you can find almost any type of food. In the aldeas (small towns), your choices are essentially limited to the products mentioned above. Guatemalan food differs from Mexican food in that it is much less spicy and chillies are usually served in a separate bowl from the main dish, to be added as you like, rather than included in the meal.

Drinks in Guatemala

The most popular Guatemalan beers are Gallo (lager, by far the most popular among Guatemalans), Victoria, Brahva (light pilsner style), Moza (dark bock), Cabro, Monte Carlo (premium) and Dorada. Don’t be surprised if you get salt and lemon with your beer. It is a custom to put a little salt on the toe of the bottle and empty the lemon into the beer. Sometimes it is mixed with V8 vegetable juice and the brew is called michelada.

Guatemala produces a number of rums, including the excellent Ron Zacapa Centenario, which is matured for up to 30 years.

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Tequila is a very popular drink in Guatemala.

Guatemalans generally dress casually when they go out.

When you order a bottled drink, you usually receive a handkerchief to clean the bottle. Coca-Cola and Pepsi type products are available as well as many products from local soft drink producers.