Saturday, September 18, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Grenada

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Although Grenada is a Caribbean island, Grenadians do not spend most of their time lying on the beach. They take their work very seriously and many jobs require specially tailored suits. Although there is still much to do, they are justifiably proud of the extensive repairs to the massive damage caused by Hurricane Ivan.

St George’s Town is a place of commerce with many banks, shops and government offices. Do not confuse it with the beach. It is often considered rude or disrespectful to walk around Grenada in inappropriate clothing, especially if you are dressed for the beach and are not (Grenada recently passed and is beginning to enforce an indecent exposure law that bans swimming costumes in non-beach areas, as well as sagging trousers that show underwear). Do not confuse casual attitudes with laziness, as Grenadians have a very formal and conservative approach to their lifestyle and workplace.