Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To Do in Grenada

North AmericaGrenadaThings To Do in Grenada
  • Gouyave Fish Friday. Gouyave is known as the town that never sleeps. It’s a great evening drive to this fishing village on the west coast. Don’t be afraid to venture out. It’s perfectly safe and frequented by tourists and international medical students. The food is fresh, cheap and cooked right in front of you. There is festive music, lots of children running around and the night ends with a party in the various nightclubs. You can get a good meal and a few beers for less than $10 US. Lobster, prawns and fresh fish, straight from the water, are prepared in various forms. Dress casually, with comfortable walking shoes, and check out all the stalls and offerings before deciding what to eat. It is actually possible to catch a bus to Gouyave from the tourist areas, for about US$2, but if you plan to stay longer, there is no guarantee of getting back to town after 8pm. Therefore, a taxi or a car on call is the best option. Some hotels and land-based tour operators also offer excursions to take you to and from Fish Friday. Gouyave is full of “characters” who would do nothing but entertain you. Don’t worry if they are too friendly. You won’t risk being harassed by scammers as the locals are very protective of guests who visit their flagship event.
  • Diving and snorkelling. The island has an abundance of underwater sites (both on Grenada and Carriacou) and the world’s first underwater sculpture park. The island is known as the diving capital of the Eastern Caribbean. It is home to the largest wreck in the Caribbean – the Bianca C – a 600-foot-long cruise ship that sank in 1961 and now lies in 167 feet of water. There are over 50 dive sites, including reefs, wrecks and drop-offs, most within a 5-15 minute boat ride from the dive shops.
  • Tubing on the river, hiking, mountain biking, sports and family activities.
  • Get married! Weddings are legal and you only need to be on the island for 3 days (including weekends); beautiful and unusual wedding locations (beaches, waterfalls, forts).
  • Every week, a different route is set up somewhere on the island for walkers and runners. A great way to experience the beauty of Grenada and get to know the locals and visitors. or Beware of the island’s steep slopes, dense jungle and roads without shoulders, which can pose particular risks.
  • Sailing. Day sailing charters are offered by various companies; dinghy cruises are also possible by hiring your own dinghy.
  • Grenada Discovery Train, St. George Cruise Terminal. 0.45. Unique guided tours of the city of St. George on Grenada’s only trackless tourist train. The train departs from the cruise terminal on cruise days and takes you to the city’s most interesting sights, such as Fort George and the National Museum. Tickets can be purchased at the Esplanade Mall kiosk (cruise terminal) or on board the train. Departures are every 45 minutes and tickets include free entry to Fort George and the National Museum. It’s a great way to explore the steep streets of St George in comfort with information on history and “local colour” on board. 15$-20$.