Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Grenada

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Stay Safe in Grenada

Grenada is a safe country and has the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean. The tropical sun and high humidity deserve your utmost respect. Take bottled water with you when you go out. The danger to pedestrians on pavements and narrow streets can be greater than the crime.

Stay Healthy in Grenada

There is a general hospital in St. George, a smaller hospital in Mirabeau on the east coast and another in Carriacou. A small private hospital in St. Paul, clinics and doctors are available. Home visits can be made.

Drinking water is chlorinated in most places; if you have doubts about its safety or potability, ask the vendor or server.

Dialysis is now available on the island. A company called Island Health Services has opened the first dialysis unit. Fresenius has now been in operation for almost a year. If you depend on dialysis regularly, make sure in advance that the type(s) offered meet your needs.

Have fun, but use a condom! Local slogan – “Don’t be a fool, pack your tools!”

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