Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Grenada

North AmericaGrenadaHow To Travel Around Grenada

The city centre has many narrow and hilly streets. Drivers are very careful, but caution is advised as some streets have very narrow or no pavements.

The town also has the most picturesque horseshoe harbour in the Caribbean, with restaurants, shops and supermarkets. During the winter cruise season (between November and May), a lovely little tourist train, the Grenada Discovery Train, offers a shuttle service through the city that includes admission to the city’s main attractions. For more information on this service, see the ‘Buy’ section.

Getting around St. George is done by taxi, minibus or rental car. Hailing a taxi is similar to other parts of the world: hold out your hand and wave to the driver. Taxis have an “H” on their number plate. Independent but government-licensed cars and vans stop and ask if anyone wants a ride. Typical fares are EC$30 from the airport to St George’s and EC$25 to EC$40 for rides between most hotels and various restaurants in town.

Buses are the standard mode of transport in Grenada. They are minivans with room for 15-19 people, marked with route numbers and signs. There is a bus station in the centre of town (Melville Street) and there are designated bus stops in and around town. However, once you leave the city, you can identify a stop by knocking on the side of the bus or pressing the stop button. The drivers and conductors are always very friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask them where to stop. Bus fares range from EC$2.50 to EC$10, depending on the distance. They are lively rides, with good music and a nice breeze.

Cars can be rented at prices ranging from USD50 to USD75 per day. If you have a valid driver’s licence from your home country, you can get a temporary Grenada driver’s licence, which can be obtained at any police station for EC$30. Drive on the left side of the road and use your car horn frequently to avoid the many blind curves in the mountains.

Water taxis are another way to get around – between the cruise terminal, Grand Anse beach and the Carenage.