Food & Drinks in Dominican Republic

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Food in the Dominican Republic is typically Caribbean, with lots of tropical fruits, rice, beans and seafood. Most meals in restaurants cost an additional 16% tax plus 10% for service: it is common to leave 10% extra for very good service.

Drinks in Dominican Republic

  • Beer: Presidente, Brahma, Bohemia
  • Rum: Brugal, Barcelo, Bermudez, Macorix, Siboney, Punta Cana.
  • Mama Juana: a mixture of peels and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey.

In addition, other imported drinks are also offered for sale, at least in the cities, but not necessarily in the countryside.

Do not drink tap water! Even in the most rural areas, people boil their water or buy bottled water. It is not advisable to eat salads or other foods that can be washed with tap water. Ice cream is also a bad idea, except in luxury hotels and restaurants (which make ice cream from bottled water). If you plan to cook or wash dishes during an extended stay, it is a good idea to rinse everything with bottled or boiled water before using it.

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