Friday, September 10, 2021

Food & Drinks in Belize

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Food in Belize

  • The main meal, which can be found almost everywhere, consists of red beans, clean rice and chicken.
  • Most chicken in the country is prepared and served with the bone.
  • Rice and beans is a mixed dish with some spices and usually coconut milk added to make it a sweet and spicy staple of the Belizean diet. Rice and beans is boiled white rice with steamed pinto beans.
  • Citrus orchards are plentiful, so fresh oranges and grapefruits are in abundance. Pineapples, papayas, bananas and plantains are also grown and sold in the roadside markets.
  • A famous hot sauce in Belize is Marie Sharp, made from the very potent local habanero pepper. It comes in different flavours (mild, hot, extremely hot).
  • The strange-looking salsa on your table is actually ceviche. Ceviche – also called cebiche or seviche – is a seafood dish marinated in citrus fruits. Belizeans use raw mussels and fresh vegetables.
  • Papusas are maize pancakes with different fillings sold at stalls in the streets of San Pedro city. This is the cheapest option if you want to eat on a budget.

Food in San Pedro can be expensive if you eat in the tourist restaurants; however, if you find the local places, meals can be very cheap and very tasty.

Drinks in Belize

Belikin is the national beer and comes in four varieties: Premium, Beer, Stout and Lighthouse Lager. Guinness Stout is also available in Belize, but is also brewed by Belikin Brewing Co. All of these beers are sold in returnable bottles, so be aware of the deposit if you take your drinks to go.

One Barrel Rum is the locally distilled molasses-flavoured rum. Traveller’s Liquors distillery is located on the Northern Highway, about 6 miles from Belize City, and has a gift shop and hospitality bar. You can buy rum in a variety of colours and sizes, up to a 70-gallon barrel.

Both are available throughout the country. But if you also like wine, there is cashew wine (very popular in Belize), ginger wine, sorrel wine and blackberry wine.