Friday, September 10, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Barbados

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Despite or perhaps because of the tropical climate, Bajans tend to dress conservatively when they are not at the beach. A bikini is not welcome in town and certainly not in church.

Bajans are particularly sensitive to good manners and saying “hello” to people, even strangers, earns their respect.

If you meet a Bajan, try not to discuss politics or racial issues. It is also important to speak loudly as Barbadians speak quite fast when speaking in Creole (or Bajan as it is called).

Using the “N” word is taboo, but when talking to friends, words like “B” (short for “bro”) and “dawg” are used to describe or refer to a friend. These words should only be used if you know the person well.

Most Bajans are fun-loving and like to go out and have fun, as evidenced by the large number of young people in the clubs and on the south coast of the island. Try not to stare at people for no reason. If you bump into someone in a club, apologise to them immediately.

Remember that Bajans are very protective of their family and insults against their family are taken very seriously. This also applies to their views on issues such as homosexuality. Most Bajans do not agree with this practice.