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Stay Safe & Healthy in Barbados

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Stay Safe in Barbados

Although it is generally a safe place to travel, crime has increased. Tourists should avoid certain high-risk activities, such as walking on secluded beaches, by day and by night, walking in unfamiliar residential areas or walking in remote areas away from main roads. Tourists, especially women, should always stay in groups.

The most common crimes against tourists are taxi fraud, theft and embezzlement, but rape and assault are also increasingly common. Most Bajans are friendly by nature, especially at the beginning of the tourist season (November and December).

Drugs are a particular problem for visitors to Barbados. The country’s strict anti-drug policy is made clear to visitors when they pass through customs. In practice, however, Europeans and Americans in Barbados are often offered marijuana and even cocaine. Vendors often roam the beaches selling aloe vera or other harmless products to start a conversation about “ganja”, “smoking” or “bad habits”. As a result, many hotels and resorts now ban the use of aloe vera on the grounds that it “stains the towels”.

Regardless of a person’s propensity to use drugs, it is not advisable to accept these offers. Marijuana is considered bad and is not accepted by the Bajan police. Although the Bajan police are not often encountered, they readily prosecute drug offences.

Caution is also advised when you go into the sea. Many people underestimate the strong currents and rip tides in many areas, especially on the east side of the island. They have claimed many lives over the years. Look out for warning flags and swim where you see others – a good safety indicator. Do not venture into deep water (beyond the possibility of touching the seabed) unless you are a good swimmer. The west coast has calmer waters than even the south coast of Christ Church, and the beaches get progressively rougher as you go east from Oistins.

Homosexual acts between consenting adults are punishable by life imprisonment in Barbados.

Camouflage clothing is not permitted for non-military personnel in Barbados.

Stay Healthy in Barbados

Beware of the sun, Barbados is only 13 degrees from the equator and you can very easily get sunburnt. Drink plenty of water and bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

After dark, it is advisable to use mosquito spray, as mosquitoes are a nuisance for anyone who spends a long time outdoors. This also happens when eating in outdoor restaurants.

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