Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Barbados

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Barbados offers everything from cheap bed and breakfast guesthouses starting at less than $40 per day for a single person in summer to luxury accommodation in some of the world’s best hotels for $1,600 in high season.

Flats and flat hotels in Barbados offer the comfort of a hotel room and the convenience of your own kitchen. Most are located on or near the beach and are particularly suitable for families.

There is a wide selection of luxury villas and cottages for rent in Barbados. Many of these villas and cottages are located on or near the beach.

Private holiday accommodation is often rented at much lower rates than hotel rooms or resorts. There is a wide selection of these holiday properties throughout Barbados and many are located on or near the beach. The holiday properties range from beach houses to condominiums and flats.

In general, the most expensive resorts are located on the west coast, north of Bridgetown, while simpler guesthouses are available along the south coast, with few accommodation options in Bridgetown itself.