Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Ukraine

EuropeUkraineTraditions & Customs in Ukraine

Respect the reality that Ukraine is a sovereign state. You may discover that individuals here are wary of being labeled as “Russians.” Ukrainians have their own nationality and dislike being mistaken for Russians.

Don’t use the phrase “the Ukraine,” since it suggests that Ukraine is a territory of Russia rather than a nation.

Ukraine is not a conservative nation in terms of dress or conduct.

Homosexuality is seen with varying degrees of animosity, ranging from conservative to open hatred.

Raising the problem of Ukraine in the context of its former membership in the Soviet Union may not be well received by the locals. The Holodomor, like the Holocaust, is a touchy subject. It is better not to glorify the Soviet Union or Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader during WWII and the architect of the Holodomor. Nonetheless, several Ukrainians recall the former Soviet Union as a time of economic abundance.