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Money & Shopping in Ukraine

EuropeUkraineMoney & Shopping in Ukraine

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The hryvnia is the monetary unit (UAH). In Ukrainian, it is spelled pивн and pronounced hryvnia, whereas in Russian, it is spelled grivna. To add to the confusion, Russian speakers in the east often refer to it as ruble, and it is occasionally displayed as “” both before and after the amount, as well as with and without spaces. Actual rates at the National Bank.


Every fairly large town will have exchange booths and banks that will convert euro, USD, or Russian rubles to UAH; just check for exchange rate indications. British pounds are also often exchangeable, although at low interchange rates. A considerably broader variety of currencies may be exchanged in tourist destinations. Shop around since quoted prices often differ.

Booths and banks will not usually attempt to defraud you, but you should count your notes to be sure. Bank employees in several locations will reject money with even small blemishes or grease stains. A rip in the paper that is longer than five mm may be considered excessive.


ATMs (банкомат, bankomat) are widely available across the country and usually accept foreign credit cards. They almost usually provide UAH, but some may offer USD. Foreign cards are usually not subject to fees. (Unless you’re withdrawing cash).

ATMs accept debit cards such as the maestro. Cirrus/Maestro/Plus bank cards may be the most efficient method to get cash in Ukraine. Not all ATMs advertise that they support the Plus system, but if they accept Visa, they usually do. PrivatBank ATMs show that they accept Plus cards, however they do not accept North American cards.


Changing money in banks takes time and involves a lot of paperwork. Bank employees may be reluctant to go through all of the processes only to change a USD100 note and may attempt to deceive you with an explanation such as “sorry, we don’t have the money.” If you really must exchange money there, you may be able to convince them to alter their views; but, if you can go someplace else, you will most likely save time. You will also be required to present your passport at a bank. Banks may also restrict you from purchasing “hard” money in exchange for UAH.

Even at bigger branches, you should not expect English-speaking personnel. Anything else than money exchange may need the use of a translator or, at the very least, a great deal of patience.

Most banks will lend you money if you have a cash advance from a Visa or MasterCard. In addition to whatever your bank charges, there is a modest service fee of 3% to accomplish this.

Exchange booths

While they may seem unsavoury, exchange booths are usually the finest locations to change money. Their rates are often lower than those of banks (although not always), and you will not be required to provide your passport. Service is prompt, and there is seldom any paperwork or invoices.


By law, all transactions must be conducted in hyrvnia, but less formal transactions may be conducted in euros or US dollars.

It is unlawful to remove objects of historical significance from the nation. These include items such as badges, medals, icons, historical artworks, and so on. While a luggage search is unlikely, don’t wear any old badges or flaunt anything that might raise suspicion.

How To Travel To Ukraine

By plane Boryspil International Airport in Kyiv is the cheapest method to fly into Ukraine. Budapest, Frankfurt, Milan, Munich, Prague, London, Rome, Vienna, and Warsaw are the main international hubs for these flights, with several flights per day of Austrian AUA, CSA Czech Airlines, LOT, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France, British...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Ukraine

Citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, San Marino, Mongolia, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Hong Kong, Israel, Paraguay, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Panama, Turkey, and the Commonwealth of Independent States are no longer...

Destinations in Ukraine

Regions in Ukraine Central UkraineUkraine's political, economic, and cultural center, centered on the capital of Kyiv. Western UkraineFor centuries, non-Russian European nations (e.g., Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Turkey) ruled the region; as a result, Central European architecture, food, language, and religion may be found here. Eastern UkraineThe highly industrialized and...

Accommodation & Hotels in Ukraine

Outside of Kiev, hotels may be a terrible experience for a westerner. The lower the price of the hotel, the greater the possibility of some unpleasant shocks, particularly for those unfamiliar with the Soviet-style quality of service that is still prevalent in many locations. Outside of Kiev, there are many...

Things To See in Ukraine

Ukraine, with its vast size and varied culture and landscapes, has a plethora of excellent things to offer. The country's major attractions include some outstanding and distinctively Slavic towns, significant cultural history, and, of course, world-class natural regions. Visit the ancient city of Lviv, which is a Unesco World Heritage...

Food & Drinks in Ukraine

Food in Ukraine Ukrainian food is very delicious, and it has many similarities with Russian cuisine. It utilizes a lot of fat components, much as other cuisines in the area, particularly in celebratory meals. Traditional local cuisine includes "salo" (salted lard) and soups such as "solianka" (солнка in Ukrainian, pork...

Festivals & Holidays in Ukraine

DateEnglish nameUkrainian nameRemarksJanuary 1New Year's DayНовий Рік January 7ChristmasРіздвоReligious holidayMarch 8International Women's DayМіжнародний жіночий день moveableOrthodox EasterВеликденьReligious holidaymoveableEaster + 49 daysOrthodox PentecostТрійцяReligious holidayMay 1 & 2International Workers' DayДень міжнародної солідарності трудящих May 9Victory Day over Nazism in World War IIДень перемоги над нацизмом у Другій світовій війніTo commemorate the end of World...

Traditions & Customs in Ukraine

Respect the reality that Ukraine is a sovereign state. You may discover that individuals here are wary of being labeled as "Russians." Ukrainians have their own nationality and dislike being mistaken for Russians. Don't use the phrase "the Ukraine," since it suggests that Ukraine is a territory of Russia rather...

Internet & Communications in Ukraine

The major telecom operator is Ukrtelekom. Ukraine's country code is 380. Kyivstar and Vodafone are the two largest mobile phone providers in Ukraine. Internet The overwhelming majority of Ukraine's land has mobile GPRS access. 3G mobile access is rapidly expanding. Cities are littered with public Wi-Fi hotspots. There are plans and initiatives...

Language & Phrasebook in Ukraine

The official language is Ukrainian. Russian, Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian are spoken near neighboring nations. Russian is a close cousin of Ukrainian and is often used as a first language in Ukraine's south and east. It is fair to assume that almost any Ukrainian will understand Russian; however, keep...

Culture Of Ukraine

Ukrainian traditions are strongly influenced by Christianity, the country's main religion. Gender roles are considerably more conventional, and grandparents play a larger part in child rearing than in the West. Ukraine's culture has also been affected by its eastern and western neighbors, as shown by its architecture, music, and...

History Of Ukraine

Ukraine has a rich and proud history, beginning with the establishment of Kyivan Rus (perhaps established by Swedish Vikings) as the most powerful kingdom in Medieval Europe. While this kingdom was conquered by the Mongols, the western portion of Ukraine became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from the 14th...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Ukraine

Stay Safe in Ukraine Many individuals would advise you to bring a copy of your visa with you. Unfortunately, some individuals have difficulty with this. It's usually a good idea to have your passport on hand. As evidence of identification, a photocopy may be rejected. A phone call to a...



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