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Destinations in Ukraine

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Regions in Ukraine

Central Ukraine
Ukraine’s political, economic, and cultural center, centered on the capital of Kyiv.

Western Ukraine
For centuries, non-Russian European nations (e.g., Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Turkey) ruled the region; as a result, Central European architecture, food, language, and religion may be found here.

Eastern Ukraine
The highly industrialized and Russified coal-mining area of the Donbass, which is home to major Soviet cities and a sizable ethnic Russian population.

Southern Ukraine
The famous Black Sea coast of Ukraine, well known for the beautiful city of Odessa

Cities in Ukraine

  • Kiev — The lovely Ukrainian capital, with its green hills and world-renowned Orthodox and Baroque buildings.
  • Chernihiv — The historic city of Kyivan Rus’, one of Ukraine’s oldest cities, contains a lot of Medieval architecture.
  • Chernivtsi — Bukovina’s city provides a Balkan ambiance combined with excellent traditional Habsburg buildings.
  • Dnipro — The mile-long Promenade along the Dnipro River is the centerpiece.
  • Donetsk — an industrial city on the Kalmius River in eastern Ukraine
  • Kharkiv — For fifteen years, kozak metropolis served as the capital of Soviet Ukraine.
  • Lviv — the country’s second most populous city In nearly everything, there is some Polish, some Austrian, and some Russian. The well-known medieval old town.
  • Odessa — a port city on the Black Sea with a diverse cultural mix