Saturday, October 16, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Ukraine

EuropeUkraineAccommodation & Hotels in Ukraine

Outside of Kiev, hotels may be a terrible experience for a westerner. The lower the price of the hotel, the greater the possibility of some unpleasant shocks, particularly for those unfamiliar with the Soviet-style quality of service that is still prevalent in many locations.

Outside of Kiev, there are many mid-range (€25-45) alternatives. At Ivano-Frankivsk (in the Carpathians), for example, the typical cost for a suite (bedroom and sitting room) in one such hotel is about €35. Many hotels provide both refurbished and non-renovated rooms/suites (“western style”) (East European style). The last option is more than 50% less expensive and provides you with a large old-fashioned two-room suite that is simple but clean!

There are many 5-star hotels in Kiev and one in Donetsk; lists may be found in the city guides for both cities. The typical cost at one such hotel in Lviv is between €40 and €60 per night.

Another alternative is to look for an apartment on the internet before leaving your country. In Kiev and Odessa, there are many options.

Many individuals from ex-Soviet nations travel to the train station, where they attempt to locate someone ready to rent a room. Prices are generally considerably lower, and if there are many individuals providing the accommodation, you may strike some excellent bargains.

These transactions are generally illegal, and they will push you into a position before you can negotiate. Make sure they have warm water, and don’t be embarrassed to mention that the room isn’t what you anticipated when you walked in.