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Çeşme is a seaside town and the administrative center of the same-named district in western Turkey, located on a promontory on the point of the peninsula of the same name, which stretches inland to form a whole with the larger Karaburun Peninsula. It is a popular vacation spot and the district’s administrative hub, with two-thirds of the district’s population centered there. Çeşme is 85 kilometers west of İzmir, Turkey’s Aegean Region’s major metropolitan hub. The two cities are connected by a six-lane motorway (Otoyol 32). Çeşme district is bordered to the north by Karaburun and to the east by Urla, all of which are part of the İzmir Province. The term “Çeşme” means “fountain” and may relate to the many Ottoman fountains that can be seen around the city.



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