Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in Spain

EuropeSpainInternet & Communications in Spain


Wi-Fi points in bars and cafeterias are available to guests, and most hotels offer Wi-Fi connection to their guests in the common areas.

Be safety conscious when using a laptop outdoors.

Mobile phones and SIM cards

Cheap mobile phones (under 50 euros) with some prepaid minutes are sold at FNAC (Plaza Callao if you live in Madrid, or El Triangle if you live in Barcelona) or in the shops of any phone provider, and can be bought without much formality (ID is usually required). Top-up is then done by buying scratch cards in small “frutos secos” shops, supermarkets, outlets (often tobacco shops) or kiosks — top-up via the internet or an ATM does not work with foreign credit cards.

The three mobile networks in Spain are Vodafone, Movistar and Orange.

You can rent a Mi-Fi (tripNETer‘s portable 3G Wi-Fi hotspot) that allows internet connection from any Wi-Fi device: smartphones, tablets, PCs…

Calls at a reduced rate

Locutorios” (call shops) are common in big cities and tourist places. It is very easy to find one in Madrid or Toledo. Calls made from “locutorios” are usually much cheaper, especially international calls (mostly via VoIP). They are usually a good choice for calling home. Prepaid phone cards for cheap international calls are available at many kiosks or grocery shops in town. Ask for a “tarjeta telefonica”.