Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Slovenia

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Slovenian, the national language, is spoken as the mother tongue by 91 percent of the inhabitants, although there are also minority of Italian (concentrated on the Primorska coast) and Hungarian (near Prekmurje to the northeast). Historically, and before to WWII’s conclusion, there was also a sizable German-speaking minority. Slovenian, on the other hand, is spoken in border areas of neighboring countries.

When compared to most European nations, the level of spoken English is extremely high. Many individuals you meet as a visitor will speak English, and others may have some practical knowledge of German, especially in Eastern Slovenia, and Italian in the coastline area where Italian is a co-official language. Serbo-Croatian is closely linked to Slovenian and is commonly spoken and understood by individuals over the age of 30. Slovenian and Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian are mutually intelligible languages.

From elementary school onwards, the Slovenian education system strongly encourages the teaching of foreign languages. By the time they reach elementary school, children have learned two foreign languages (most frequently English and German). A normal grammar school would frequently teach a third foreign language, such as Spanish, Italian, or French. Many individuals speak English well, while many elderly folks know German and can read Cyrillic.