Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Internet & Communications in Slovenia

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Slovenia’s international dialing code is 386, and the prefix for international calls is 00; the area code prefix is 0. Some number blocks are designated for specific purposes: 080 is for toll-free lines, while 090 is for commercial services, which are often costly.

Mobile networks utilize standard European frequencies (900 and 1800 MHz for GSM/LTE, 2100 MHz for 3G, and 800 MHz for LTE). Mobitel and Simobil, two main Slovenian mobile carriers, have good GSM and 3G coverage, although 3G may be inaccessible in hilly areas. Roaming between European phone companies is getting less expensive as a result of EU regulations that set a limit of 0.29€ per minute for calls made and 0.09€ for calls received, but calls to or from non-EU carriers remain costly. Slovenian pre-paid SIM cards may also be purchased in supermarkets and petrol stations.

Telekom Slovenije has about 3500 phone booths. They do not take money and instead demand the usage of cards that cost between 3 and 15€.


Due to strong competition among numerous providers, Slovenia is usually well served with low-cost broadband internet. As a result, internet cafés are popular in cities, and most hotels and hostels have internet access.

Volunteers are also establishing a free wireless internet network in several cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica). If you have a computer or a WiFi-enabled phone, you can utilize it.

Postal Services

Pošta Slovenije offices may be found anywhere. Look for signs with French horns on a dark yellow backdrop. Throughout Slovenia, delivery takes one day, a few days within Europe, and (typically) less than two weeks internationally. DHL is another an option.

Postal rates

Inland postcard postage is €0.40 (the value of the “B” stamp); inland letter postage (up to 20g) is €0.34. (value of the “A” stamp).

International postcard postage is €0.56; international letter postage (up to 20g) is €0.60. (value of the “C” stamp).

Postage is €1.25 for an international airmail postcard and €1.29 for an international airmail letter (up to 20g).

Stamps are typically sold at newsagents or businesses that sell postcards. If this is not the case, you may always purchase them at the Post Office.

You must go to the Post Office and request prednostno for airmail. You may pay at the counter or by attaching appropriate stamps.