Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Destinations in Slovenia

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Regions in Slovenia

Coast and Karst
Slovenia’s southwestern region, with undulating hills, awe-inspiring caverns, and the country’s 47 kilometers of coastline.

Julian Alps
The hilly northwest, with hiking, rafting, postcard-perfect lakes, and Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s metaphorical heart.

Central Slovenia

The urban area, which includes the capital of Ljubljana and the surrounding region.

Southeastern Slovenia
The area bounded by the Krka and lower Sava rivers.

The Savinja river valley and the mountains to the north.

Eastern Slovenia
The area around the Drava and Mura rivers, with many vineyards and a Hungarian influence in the east.

Cities in Slovenia

  • Ljubljana is Slovenia’s beautiful capital.
  • Bled is a beautiful alpine lake with its own castle and island.
  • Celje is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia.
  • Koper/Capodistria – Beautiful Venetian city, the biggest on Slovenia’s coast.
  • Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia.
  • Nova Gorica is a border town with Italy.
  • Piran/Pirano – beautiful Venetian port
  • Postojna – The location of the massive Postojna caves
  • Ptuj – one of the oldest cities in Slovenia

Other destinations in Slovenia

  • Škocjan Caves — A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is less commercial than Postojna but no less magnificent.
  • Triglav National Park — Mt. Triglav is a national emblem, as is the legendary golden chamois Zlatorog.
  • Soča Valley — With its green color, the Soča river is one of the most attractive European Alpine rivers.