Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Slovenia

EuropeSloveniaAccommodation & Hotels in Slovenia

Slovenia offers a broad range of accommodations, from five-star hotels to isolated mountain homes.


Hostels may be found in all of Slovenia’s tourist attractions. A standard bed in a dorm costs between €10 and €20 on average. During the summer, many student dorms (dijaki dom) are turned into hostels, although they are sometimes in inconvenient locations and are rather dirty.

Mountain Huts may be located in Triglav National Park and are very warm, inviting, and friendly. Tourist information centers can provide information on these huts as well as assist you organize your tours in the area and reserve them for you. The only way to get to the huts is on foot, and anticipate a lot of uphill trekking since the lowest cottages are around 700m high. There are obvious signs/information indicating how long it will take to get to/between all of the shelters in hours.

Tourist farms

Tourist farms may be located across the Slovene countryside and often provide a broad variety of traditional cuisine, local wine, various athletic activities, and so on. They also provide chances to experience authentic rural living.


Camping is not allowed in Slovenia’s national parks, although there are many approved camping areas. It’s a good idea to bring a camping mat of some kind, since beautiful, soft grass is a luxury at camp sites, and you’re more likely to encounter pitches made out of tiny stones.