Monday, October 25, 2021

Things To Do in Slovakia

EuropeSlovakiaThings To Do in Slovakia
  • Visit the closest chateau/castle; several are hundreds of years old, some are still livable with period furniture, and numerous guided tours are available.
  • Hike! – The whole country of Slovakia (except for the flatlands) is covered with hundreds of miles of very well-marked hiking routes that, particularly in the national parks, lead through breathtaking scenery.
  • Visit one of the region’s distinctive historic wooden churches. However, without a vehicle, they may be difficult to reach.
  • Go spelunking – Caves are scattered across Slovakia, and since many are available to the general public, they are among the most accessible in the world. Many are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Dobsinska Ice Cave (in Slovak Paradise), Ochrinska Aragonite Cave, Domica, Jasovska Cave, and Gombasek Cave (all in Slovak Karst)
  • Visit a local festival – ‘Fasiangy’ (Mardi Gras) is celebrated in early spring, particularly in the countryside, while the conclusion of the harvest season is commemorated in wine-producing areas in early October. A section of the town center will be closed, and a traditional market will be accessible, mainly with local food and handicrafts for sale, as well as enough to eat and drink. Similar Christmas markets open in larger cities throughout December/around Christmas.
  • Ski and snowboard in the mountains, particularly in the High and Low Tatras. Smaller ranges are also excellent for cross-country skiing.
  • Raft along the Váh or Dunajec rivers via beautiful gorges. Raft along the Small Danube for a more leisurely journey.
  • If you’re interested in railway history or want to spend a romantic day, Slovakia boasts a variety of phased-out railway lines that were previously used to carry wood but now only transport tourists in comfortable steam trains through woods and valleys. The most well-preserved of them is H near the village of Brezno.

Cultural Events

  • International Film Festival Artfilm. Yearly in June/July in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín. 
  • International Film Festival Cinematik. Every year in early September in Pieany. Film festival that is still in its infancy and is very modest in size. The cost of accreditation for the whole event is less than €7.
  • International Film Festival Bratislava. In December, always.
  • Comics-Salón – A celebration of Japanese Anime & Manga, Fantasy & SciFi, and their admirers, but not just them! There’s a great environment, nice people, and a lot of fun to be had there. The origins of this event can be traced back to 2004, when it was hosted for the first time in “Sza.” Now, every year in early September, Bratislava sees a flood of beautiful people from all over Europe to participate in this one-of-a-kind event. Due to capacity limitations, the site has been relocated to the “Istropolis” exhibition halls for the last two years.

Music Events

  • Pohoda Music Festival One of the most important Slovak music events, highly praised and well-known on a European scale. Every year in July in Trenn. Mostly plays alternative music.
  • Grape Music Festival Another fantastic small-scale alternative music event. Every year in August in Pieany.


Slovakia has a plethora of great spas and water parks. If you like stinky mud and are prepared to pay for it, Pieany has the finest, most renowned (and most costly) spa. There are other important spas at Trenianske Teplice, Rajecké Teplice, Bardejov, Dudince, and Podhájska.

Try water parks at Beeová, Liptovsk Mikulá, Poprad, Turianske Teplice, Oravice, and Senec if it’s too dull for you and you’d want some water slides and fun. Classic open-air pools are much less expensive; some of the finest are in Vek Meder and Trovo.