Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Internet & Communications in Slovakia

EuropeSlovakiaInternet & Communications in Slovakia

Slovakia’s international dialing code is +421.

In an emergency, dial 112 from anywhere in the world. You may also dial 150 for the fire department, 155 for a medical emergency, or 158 for the police.

Slovak phones use the GSM standard, which covers the most of the nation, while 3G covers the majority of the region. The coverage is surprisingly excellent, and unless you are in a deep valley, you will frequently have service even in the mountains. Orange, T-mobile, and O2 are the three major carriers, and they all utilize the 900 or 1800Mhz standard, which may not be compatible with certain US phones that use the 1900Mhz standard.

They all (along with certain virtual operators, the largest of which are Funfón and Tesco Mobile) provide a range of prepaid cards with different “pay as you go” plans (market research is recommended if you want the best price) and incentives. If you have an unlocked phone, these are simple to get at any phone store, or you can buy a cheap phone that comes with a prepaid card.

There are still some phone boxes accessible, but with mobile phones becoming more popular, their numbers are dwindling. It’s also worth noting that some of them may need the purchase of a prepaid card in order to be used.

Wifi and broadband are accessible almost everywhere, and even in tiny towns, there will be an internet cafe/gaming room. Hostels, bars, cafés, and certain public organizations, such as libraries or government buildings, also provide (free) wifi.