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Destinations in Slovakia

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Regions in Slovakia

Western Slovakia
The capital, Bratislava, and its near environs are the center of tourism in this region. The southern region is a vast plain along the Danube River, and it is the most productive part of the nation. The north is made up of wide valleys formed by the rivers Vah and Nitra, divided by forested mountains crowned with castles such as Nitra, Trennor Bojnice.

Central Slovakia
A area located in the center of the Carpathians. There are many winter sports areas here, including the largest in Jasná. There are also many national parks, such as the Low Tatras, Great Fatra, and Little Fatra. The major cities are Banská Bystrica and Žilina, although there are also many mining towns, including as UNESCO-listed Banská Štiavnica.

Eastern Slovakia
The area of the High Tatras mountains, the summit of the Carpathians, and Slovak Paradise, a ravine hiking paradise. It contains the UNESCO-listed towns of Levoča and Bardejov, as well as the bulk of the country’s wooden churches. The major city include Košice, which is followed by Prešov.

Cities in Slovakia

  • Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital and biggest city, with a wonderfully preserved historical center filled with Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance churches, homes and palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, nice cafés, and a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment.
  • Banská Bystrica — was one of the most significant mining towns in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; it has a magnificent renovated plaza, numerous churches, castles, and museums, as well as a monument to the Slovak National Uprising.
  • Košice — metropolis of the east, the country’s second largest city, with the world’s easternmost Gothic Cathedral, the oldest European coat of arms, a magnificent historical city center with the Cathedral Complex, many churches, palaces, and fascinating museums.
  • Nitra is the oldest town in Slovakia, with a magnificent castle and a variety of fairs.
  • Poprad is the gateway to the High Tatras.
  • Rajecké Teplice — a tranquil spa town bordered by the beautiful Mala Fatra National Park
  • Trenčín — one of the most attractive cities in Slovakia, with a castle perched above the city overlooking the historical center and the Váh river
  • Trnava — An ancient Slovak town with the most churches (12) and well-preserved baroque architecture.
  • Žilina — Fourth-largest city with a well-preserved medieval city center inspired by German architecture and a one-of-a-kind museum of tinker culture housed in the Budatn castle.

Other destinations in Slovakia

  • Slovak Paradise National Park — Slovenský Raj is characterized by deep ravines and gorges formed by water flowing in waterfalls through the limestone.
  • High Tatras — Vysoké Tatry is Slovakia’s largest national park and a popular destination for winter sports and trekking.
  • Vlkolínec — Hamlet on the UNESCO World Heritage List, maintaining the character of a typical Carpathian village
  • Slovak Karst National Park – Slovenský kras, famous for its cave systems, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Levoča — beautiful medieval jewel of the Spis area, encircled by town walls, with a one-of-a-kind Renaissance town hall, burger’s homes, many churches, and St. James Cathedral, which contains the world’s largest gothic wooden altar.
  • Bojnice — Slovakia’s most visited castle, virtually complete with wonderfully maintained interiors.
  • Piešťany — Slovakia’s most well-known spa town
  • Bardejov — is a spa town in north-eastern Slovakia with a fully preserved medieval town center that houses many cultural treasures and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.