Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Slovakia

EuropeSlovakiaAccommodation & Hotels in Slovakia

In Slovakia, there is a broad variety of lodging options. These vary from AquaCity, located in Poprad, to low-cost accommodations in rental chalets.

The most luxury hotels are mainly located in large cities like Bratislava and Koice, as well as popular tourist attractions like the High Tatras or spa towns (the situation here is unique as the price of the hotel usually includes some of the spa procedures). These hotels provide Western-style comfort at reasonable pricing.

Every large town or tourist location will have at least one hotel, although the quality will vary. Some mid-range hotels were constructed in the comparable architectural style during the Communist period, which may make them seem less attractive from the outside, even though the interiors are completely sufficient.

Budget hostels are mainly located in larger cities, and costs are comparable to the rest of (Central) Europe. If you want to get away of the city, there are many mountain cottages available for short-term rental in the mountains. There will be numerous private rooms available for rent, especially in tourist locations; seek for ‘Zimmer Frei’ signs. Breakfast is usually not included.

When hiking, government maintained mountain cottages provide inexpensive lodging for hikers on routes in all national parks and several national conservation areas. They have a limited number of beds (if any) and usually restricted capacity, therefore for the more popular spots during the peak season, prior booking may be required and is advised. If you are unable to reserve a bed, you may be permitted to remain overnight by sleeping on the floor in specified locations. In any case, you should bring your own sleeping bag. Because of the location, the amenities are restricted, however there will be a communal toilet and perhaps a shower. There is typically a kitchen that offers numerous substantial hot meals as well as a variety of beverages at affordable rates.

Outside of national parks and protected natural zones (where there should be signs but there may not be depending on how and where you enter these), it is only allowed to pitch a tent in Slovakia, although camping is quite common in the summer.