Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Serbia

EuropeSerbiaLanguage & Phrasebook in Serbia

English is widely spoken in Serbia, and locals are eager to practice with visitors from other countries. You may also attempt the school-taught languages of German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

The official language of Serbia is related to Croatian and Bosnian. All of those languages were known as Serbo-Croatian prior to the period of nationalist linguistic policy and the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. People in the former Yugoslavia no longer use this broad word to describe what is nonetheless a shared language.

If you know Russian, it may be useful on occasion since the two languages have certain similarities and were taught in schools throughout the Soviet period. This covers all Slavic languages, particularly Bulgarian and Macedonian. English is the most popular foreign language among younger Serbians.

The majority of people in Vojvodina speak Serbian, although other languages are also spoken. Hungarian is more likely to be heard in certain places near the Hungarian border. Many smaller minorities (Slovaks, Romanians, Roma) often speak their original languages.