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Things To See in San Marino

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The three towers that appear on the national flag are the major attractions of San Marino. Only the Guaita Tower and the Cesta Tower are accessible to tourists; these are tiny castles at the summit of Mount Titano with stunning views over San Marino, Italy, and the Adriatic Sea.

Cesta is the largest of the two and includes a modest armour and weapon museum. The “Yellow Card” costs €3 and allows you to visit one castle; the “Red Card” costs €4.50 and allows you to access both. A walkway runs between the two towers, following the city walls along the edge of a cliff. The towers provide excellent picture possibilities. Among the other attractions are:

  • Piazza del Liberta. This tiny plaza has wide vistas and is bordered on both sides by two government buildings, including the town hall, the Palazzo Pubblico.
  • State Museum (Museo di Stato), Piazzetta del Titano, 1, Città di San Marino,  +378 0549883835, e-mail: [email protected] Summer 8AM–8PM, winter 9AM–5PM. Museum of art, architecture, and archaeology. €3. 
  • St. Francis’ Museum (Museo San Francesco), Via Basilicius, Città di San Marino, +378 0549885132. Summer 8AM–8PM, winter 9AM–5PM. Art collection located in a centuries-old cloister. €3. 
  • Torture Museum (Museo della Tortura), Contrada San Francesco n° 2,  +378 0549991215. 10AM–8PM daily during the summer; reduced hours in the winter. Small, kitschy museum catering to tourists 
  • Wax Museum (Museo delle Cere), via Lapicidi Marini, 17 – 47890 San Marino,  +378 0549992940, e-mail: [email protected] Oct–Mar 9AM–12:30PM and 2–5:30PM, Apr–Jun and Sep 9AM–6:30PM, Jul–Aug 9AM–8PM. 

Otherwise, just go for a stroll! The tiny cobblestone streets are full of surprises, and you may explore the city by going up and down the city. There are hardly no vehicles, and the streets have a medieval air about them. The city walls may be climbed and walked along in certain areas. The Basilica di San Marino, a Roman-style basilica, is one of the sites you may visit.

Borgo Maggiore, a town near the capital, features a historic center. In Faetano, you can also view the San Marino lake, where you may catch fish.

How To Travel To San Marino

By plane There are no airports in San Marino. Rimini's Federico Fellini International Airport (IATA: RMI) is the closest major airport. Ancona, Bologna, and Forli also have airports. By train There are no railway stations in San Marino. Rimini is the closest major railway station. By car You should have little trouble getting into...

How To Travel Around San Marino

Once within the walled city, it's small enough to stroll about in. There are just a few streets where vehicles may drive (and only if they are small cars). A 1.5-kilometer cable train (funivia) connects San Marino to Borgo Maggiore. A one-way ticket costs €2.80 and a round-trip ticket costs...

Visa & Passport Requirements for San Marino

Although San Marino is not legally part of the Schengen region, there are no border restrictions when traveling between Italy and San Marino, thus it may be considered part of the Schengen area for all practical reasons. Foreigners staying in San Marino for more than 20 days, on the...

Food & Drinks in San Marino

Pasta, pizza, gelato (Italian ice cream), and anything else you eat in Italy come to mind. Restaurants are simple to locate, and some have tables with fantastic views. Supermarkets in San Marino are few and far between, however the following may help: Conad, Azzurro Shopping Center, V M Moretti 23, Serravalle.  Sma Supermercati. Via...

Money & Shopping in San Marino

The euro is used in San Marino. It is one of many European nations that utilize the Euro. All euro banknotes and coins are legal tender across the EU. One euro is made up of 100 cents. The euro's official sign is €, and its ISO code is EUR. The cent...

Festivals & Holidays in San Marino

DateNameExplanation1 JanuaryNew Year's DayFestival marking the beginning of the new year6 JanuaryEpiphanyCommemorates the visit of the three wise men or magi to the infant Jesus5 FebruaryFeast of Saint AgathaCommemoration of St. Agatha, patroness of the Republic, as well as liberation from foreign ruleVariable, the first Sunday after the full...

Culture Of San Marino

The Three Towers of San Marino are situated in the city on the three summits of Monte Titano. They appear on both the San Marino flag and the coat of arms. The three towers are: Guaita, the oldest (built in the 11th century); Cesta, built in the thirteenth century...

History Of San Marino

Saint Marinus and his longtime companion Leo fled the island of Arba in present-day Croatia to work as stonemasons in Rimini. Following the Diocletianic Persecution for his Christian preaching, he fled to the neighboring Monte Titano, where he established what is today the city and state of San Marino....

Stay Safe & Healthy in San Marino

San Marino is a secure nation. Pickpockets should be avoided, just as they should be avoided in any other tourist destination. This is a really healthy environment. If you get sick, the processes are the same as in the European Union, but severe problems will almost certainly result in you...



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