Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How To Travel Around San Marino

EuropeSan MarinoHow To Travel Around San Marino

Once within the walled city, it’s small enough to stroll about in. There are just a few streets where vehicles may drive (and only if they are small cars).

A 1.5-kilometer cable train (funivia) connects San Marino to Borgo Maggiore. A one-way ticket costs €2.80 and a round-trip ticket costs €4.50.

Walking is difficult outside of the capital. San Marino is the only nation in the world with more cars than people, and it shows—sidewalks are at best uneven, particularly between cities. There is, however, a shaded stone walkway, Costa dell’Arnella, that connects the City of San Marino with Borgo Maggiore. It begins at the western end of Contrada Omerelli and finishes near the Borgo Maggiore cable car station. The walk is very difficult since San Marino sits so high up.

The bus from Rimini is helpful for traveling between cities, and San Marino has its own bus system.