Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Food & Drinks in San Marino

EuropeSan MarinoFood & Drinks in San Marino

Pasta, pizza, gelato (Italian ice cream), and anything else you eat in Italy come to mind. Restaurants are simple to locate, and some have tables with fantastic views.

Supermarkets in San Marino are few and far between, however the following may help:

  • Conad, Azzurro Shopping Center, V M Moretti 23, Serravalle.  
  • Sma Supermercati. Via del Passetto 113, Fiorentino 
  • Ristorante Terrazza Titano. Contrada del Collegio 31 
  • La Fratta, Via Salita alla Rocca, 14 (Next to the parking lot n.6).  

Drinks in San Marino

  • The local beer is delicious.
  • Spirits are also widely available, particularly Limoncello, a lemon liquor.
  • Try the wine made locally.
  • The coffee, like that of its Italian neighbor, is excellent.