Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Romania

EuropeRomaniaAccommodation & Hotels in Romania

Finding a place to stay in Romania is simple at any price. As soon as you arrive at the railway station in any tourist destination, many individuals will approach you and ask whether you need accommodation or if you can book it in advance. The individuals that greet you at the station are usually fluent in English, French, and Italian. Furthermore, you will often see cazare inscribed on homes when strolling down the street, indicating that they will rent you a room in their own home. You should reserve an accommodation in the major cities (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, and Iasi) since it will be difficult to find a somewhere to sleep if you don’t, but you won’t have any problems anyplace else.

In most countries, reserving directly with the hotel (either in person or in advance through the internet) is typically less expensive than using a booking agency. Even tiny hotels are now accepting bookings via the internet. Find the official tourist guide website for your area, which will include a list of hotels and/or bed-and-breakfasts, and ask there: most offer English-language information, and many have formal reservation webpages. Prices for four star hotels are similar to those in the rest of Europe, including Bucharest, while three star and lower hotels may be a bit less expensive. Many bed & breakfast businesses (without any hotel star classification) are actually as costly as or even more expensive than two or three star hotels in Romania. The majority seem to be newer than rated hotels.

Romania has a reasonably established rural tourist industry. ANTREC, a national organization of rural guesthouse operators, provides lodging in over 900 communities throughout the country.