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Accommodation & Hotels in Poland

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When it comes to accommodation availability and quality, Poland is catching up with Western Europe. Following the Euro 2012 championships, the situation in Euro host towns is now similar to that of most other cities in Northern and Western Europe. Many smaller cities and places that are less visited by visitors still have a limited selection of accommodations, and the current providers take advantage of this by providing substandard quality rather than charging exorbitant rates. Staff in major cities, both hotels and hostels, should be able to communicate in English and, in many cases, other foreign languages. The language barrier may be an issue in less visited areas.


Lodging costs are no longer the bargains they were a few years ago; they are now equivalent to typical European rates. Standard bargain-hunting techniques apply: if hotel rates are too expensive, search the Internet for private rooms, pensions, or flats for rent, which may occasionally be obtained for a very cheap price. The best prices are typically available during the off-season.


Only one large hotel operator, Accor, provides comprehensive coverage of the whole nation, having taken over the previous state-owned supplier Orbis (and still operate several hotels by that name as of 2013). Throughout the nation, hotels ranging from the budget-friendly ibis to the business-oriented Novotel and Mercure and the renowned Sofitels may be found. Please keep in mind that, although nearly all ibis hotels were purpose-built in the 2000s, Novotels and Mercures are often converted old Orbis hotels and may not be the finest hotels that brands have to offer in Europe. Please keep in mind that even Accor has coverage gaps in less tourist-frequented regions.

The most well-known worldwide hotel brands (Intercontinental, Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and Carlson) have a presence in Poland, although none can claim to cover even the most significant cities completely. There are a few Best Western-affiliated hotels, although they don’t span the whole nation. Another French chain, Campanile, is worth noting for budget-conscious motorized travelers.


Because of enforced curfews, hostels associated with the national hosteling organization are often terrible choices for travelers. Furthermore, Hosteling International (HI) associated hostels are often utilized by big school groups, which means that small children may be shouting and running about the halls. Some private hostels are clean and friendly, but some may be even worse than HI hostels.

Agritourism farms

Rural tourism has grown in popularity in Poland during the past several decades. Many farms in Poland’s countryside have shifted their emphasis from intense food production to tourism as a result of social and economic developments. Under the concept of “agritourism farm” (gospodarstwo agroturystyczne or simply agroturystyka), you may discover a genuine farm where hosts are actual farmers working on their fields and also welcoming visitors, allowing them to peep into their daily rural life. Typically, though, you will come across rural pensions where tourism is the primary source of revenue.