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Destinations in Norway

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Regions in Norway

East Norway
Østlandet, literally southeast, the region around the capital Oslo, is the most densely populated area in Norway, with the bulk of the population residing here.

Middle Norway, often known as Trøndelag, is home to the historic city of Trondheim.

Northern Norway
also with magnificent fjords, the midnight sun, and the old Sami culture, 50% of land, 10% of people

With its smooth shoreline, it is also known as Sørlandet or South Norway.

West Norway
Vestlandet is renowned for its fjords and Bergen.

A Barents Sea island north of Norway known for its severe environment, coal mining, and satellite sites. Except for northeasternmost European Russia, polar bears are found exclusively in Europe.

Jan Mayen
A barren, hilly, and volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean, partly covered in glaciers and dotted with moss and grass. Admission to the military sector is only granted with specific authorization. During the winter, it is inaccessible.

Cities in Norway

  • Oslo is Norway’s capital and biggest city, featuring museums of national significance, a gorgeous location, and a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene.
  • Bergen, Norway’s second biggest city, was formerly the capital of Norway. It is an ancient Hanseatic trade center with a rich culture and spectacular landscape. Wonderfully charming wooden houses, a breathtaking mountain backdrop, a diverse nightlife, and plenty of atmosphere. This is your entry point to the western fjords. With an average of 250 days of rain each year, the city has been called “the rainiest city in Europe.” Bring an umbrella with you.
  • Bodø is the entry point to the beautiful Lofoten islands. And the location of Saltstraumen, the world’s most powerful maelstrom.
  • Drammen – Once regarded as an industrial and filthy town, recent renovations have transformed Drammen into a pleasant day excursion from Oslo..
  • Fredrikstad – A beautiful ancient town distinguishes itself from the rest of the fairly unremarkable metropolis. It’s ideal for a day excursion from Oslo.
  • Kristiansand is the South’s joyful capital.
  • Stavanger is Norway’s fourth biggest city and third largest urban area. Because of the oil industry, it is commercially significant. The center wooden and cobblestone area is one of Norway’s most beautiful areas. You may see one of Norway’s medieval churches, as well as Iron Age houses, stone age caverns, and places where Viking monarchs used to gather at Ullandhaugtrnet. Erik the Red was born in Stavanger.
  • Tromsø – A beautiful, contemporary cathedral with no polar bears wandering the streets.
  • Trondheim – Trondheim is well-known for its magnificent cathedral (Nidarosdomen). Beautiful riverfront wharfs, wooden buildings, and Norway’s finest student nightlife add to the allure of Trondheim.

Other destinations in Norway

  • Atlanterhavsveien – A beautiful route with bridges over islands and skerries on the Atlantic’s edge.
  • Hardangervidda – Norway’s biggest national park, located on a highland plateau.
  • Jostedalsbreen – The Jostedalsbreen glacier is the biggest on the European continent.
  • Jotunheimen – Jotunheimen is a magnificent environment that is home to Norway’s tallest mountains.
  • Lofoten – Enjoy the midnight sun in this historic fishing region in the northern province of Lofoten, which is surrounded by islands and mountains.
  • Nordkapp – This cliff overlooks the Barents Sea and is the northernmost point of continental Europe.
  • Sognefjorden – The Sognefjord has glaciers, mountains, and beautiful towns, to name a few attractions. The enormous Sognefjorden system includes Flm and Nærøyfjorden (both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites).