Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in North Macedonia

EuropeNorth MacedoniaStay Safe & Healthy in North Macedonia

Macedonia is a safe nation to visit. Driving is not a bad idea, but foreigners should strive to utilize cabs and public transportation wherever feasible. Keep a watch out for pickpockets and keep all valuables secure, as you would in any other country. Hotels and most private accommodations will provide a safe for storing valuables and cash.

The majority of folks are very nice and welcoming.

Water is safe to drink, and most public locations have public drinking water fountains. All fruits and vegetables should be washed.

When eating red meat in restaurants, take care as you would in any other nation. Although most Macedonian food centers on barbecues (“skara”), there are certain restaurants that do not utilize appropriate or clean cooking techniques, which would be considered a violation of various health laws in many Western countries. Bad restaurants are readily identified; they will most likely not be visually attractive and will not have a large number of clients. The overwhelming majority of restaurants in Macedonia, on the other hand, offer high-quality cuisine.