Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Internet & Communications in North Macedonia

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Domestic Phones

Domestic phone service is provided in all populated towns through PSTN or VoIP. T-home operates the PSTN network. The mobile operator ONE offers an inexpensive fixed phone service (wireless and simple to install), both prepaid (no monthly cost, 12 months availability without recharge, recharging for just MKD500/€8) and postpaid.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are readily available, and coverage is good. T-mobile, One, and VIP are the three mobile networks that use the GSM/3G standard. T-mobile sells pre-paid SIM cards for MKD295 (€5) with MKD250 free talk time, ONE sells them for MKD190 (€3) with MKD250 free talk time, and VIP sells them for MKD300 (€5) with MKD300 free talk time. When purchasing, you may be required to present your ID card or passport.

Internet Access

Access to the internet is generally accessible across the nation. Almost all hotels provide free or paid internet connection. Local coffee shops, like many other public locations, typically provide free Wi-Fi connectivity. If the network is locked, feel free to request the password. Broadband internet access is provided through cable, ADSL, WiMax, and LAN connections. You may also use your mobile phone to connect to the internet through GPRS or 3G.

ONE provides both home internet and mobile internet. More information may be found here. T-home provides ADSL internet at MKD599/month (€10) – 30GB bandwidth, 6Mbit/s speed – you must have a T-home PSTN connection.

Internet cafés may be found in most towns and small villages.